SSDT Help List

SSDT Help List, Sign up with June for technical support at SSDT. Telephone:01229716806,

1. Unless your bike is new you need to replace the following parts: Tires (new) Recomend-Dunlop. Especially the rear as this does not come off the rim.

Brake Pads (Front+Rear), Chain+Sprockets Recomend-Talon SKT Rental R1 Chain, New chain tensioner pad, New Spark Plug-Place previous spark plug in bumbag as spare.

2. Remove the four pinch bolts on the bottom of the forks and replace with 6ml caps screws (Allen bolts) install with copper slick grease also grease up front wheel spindle on assembly.

3. Engine oil change and fill with putoline nano trans 100% fully synthetic 450ml.

4. Remove rear brake pedal replace rivets on the folding pedal end and on the rose joint adjusting rod, fit 6mm dome head cap screws and lock nut ensure you have free play on your pedal to master cylinder as on the road the brake pads will heat up causing the back brakes to sieze on.

5. Check coolant and ensure fan cuts in and out (IMPORTANT) the ossa use a water temperature sensor not a thermostat if your fan stops working dissconnect the block connector from the water sensor that comes out of the cylinder head, the fan should now work (DO NOT BRIDGE THE WIRES THIS CAN CAUSE MAJOR DAMAGE TO YOUR ECU WHICH MAY PUT YOU OUT OF THE EVENT).

6. Remove rear suspension link arms, suspension pins, grease up and refit. Then, ensure the rear shock spring has not sagged by pressing on the rear end and then let the bike return to its normal ride height, then lift the rear end and check the amount of sag present, you should have 5-10mm of sag. If there is more or less adjust the spring rate accordingly. Also check the rear shock absorber bump stop rubber for damage, replace if required.

 7. Ensure the rear brake hose is not stuck between the coil springs of the rear shock, if it is place a cable tie around the hose and pull it away from the spring.

8. Remove ECU from inside the airbox for the 2011/12 model. Clean the air filter and oil accordingly and replace the filter, spray the pins on the ECU with electrical corrosion inhibitor. We use battery terminal protector. Replace and reassemble. On the 2013 and 2014 model, ECU is situated between the radiator and the cylinder. Spray pins accordingly.

9. Check circlips on rear suspension linkage are still in place and have not come off, replace if required.

10. Remove rear wheel spindle ensure this is free to slide in and out, reassemble with grease.

11. Check main silencer box for any cracks and repair if required.

12. Finally check from front to back all screws and fasteners.

Hope this advice helps prepare you for the best trial in the world, and Good luck from all at ossa moto's UK.

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